Steven Hanley

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After Hours1985Martin Scorsese
Birth2004Jonathan Glazer
AYNEH1997Jafar Panahi
Crumb1994Terry Zwigoff
They all Laughed1981Peter Bogdanovich
Buffalo '661997Vincent Gallo
45 Years2014Andrew Haigh
Blow Out1981Brian De Palma
Trees Lounge1996Steve Buscemi


After Hours

1985 USA

Possibly the most stressful film ever made.


2004 Germany, United Kingdom, USA

A haunting meditation on loss and grief.


1997 Iran

I've watched this countless times and I'm still in awe of the the interplay blurred lines between documentary and narrative fiction.


1994 USA

For me Crumb (1994) is the greatest documentary of all time.

This grainy portrait of the underground comic book artist is raw, honest and unflinching but made with a true tenderness towards the elusive and eccentric subjects.

They all Laughed

1981 USA

Peter Bogdanovich sweet and playful screwball set across the streets of a now vanished New York City is a joy to behold.

Buffalo '66

1997 Canada, USA

A love story about two lonely people, there isn’t another movie that looks quite like this. The colour palette and aesthetics are a world unto themselves. Everything is obsessively curated by Gallo, down to his red boots, and the film was made using a now defunct Kodak reversal film stock.

45 Years

2014 United Kingdom

On the eve of their sapphire wedding anniversary an elderly couple's life is disrupted when the husband receives a letter saying that the body of his first love has been found frozen and preserved. From this outrageous premise comes one of the most affecting films in modern cinema. Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling both give the performance of a lifetime (no easy feat considering their careers) as a husband and wife reckoning with this information that has shook their marriage...and how can we forget that unforgettable slow dance set to The Platters’ classic “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.

Blow Out

1981 USA

De Palma's masterpiece, made with such flair and pure technical virtuosity. A doomed romance steeped in paranoia. Travolta gives the performance of his career and Blow Out packs one of most devastating endings ever put to screen.

Trees Lounge

1996 USA

The criminally overlooked debut by Buscemi who plays an unemployed mechanic who spends most of his time in a bar is one of the underseen masterpieces in new American cinema.

Further remarks

Huge heartfelt thanks for considering me to contribute to this list.

To have my voice alongside so many master film makers, thinkers and writers is really special.