Tim Hayes

Freelance writer

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Orphée1950Jean Cocteau
Point Blank1967John Boorman
Hi, Mom!1970Brian De Palma
Hellraiser1987Clive Barker
Hoffa1992Danny DeVito
Mulholland Dr.2001David Lynch
DEMONLOVER2002Olivier Assayas
A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE2005David Cronenberg
Zodiac2007David Fincher
Silence2016Martin Scorsese


Whether or not cultural changes and commercial forces shift the S&S list's retromania this time around, the buffeting dished out to the film criticism trade by the same changes and forces is as modern as it gets. The reasons why hardly anyone who thinks film criticism is worth doing can now be decently paid for their labour or build a career path from it - and the absence of any organised stab at getting those losses back - are as much a hallmark of the 2022 snapshot as the titles of the films.