Toby Haggith

Senior Curator, Department of Second World War and Mid 20th Century Conflict, Imperial War Museum

Voted for

2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
German Concentration Camps Factual Survey1945
Tystnaden1963Ingmar Bergman
Ran1985Akira Kurosawa
The Odd Couple1967Gene Saks
Western Approaches1944Pat Jackson
The Graduate1967Mike Nichols
This Is Spinal Tap A Rockumentary by Martin Di Bergi1983Rob Reiner
Do the Right Thing1989Spike Lee
The King's Wake2000John McCloskey


I still remember the first time I watched these films, and I've never forgotten the first viewing. Like all selections, the choices are personal and I would imagine they cluster around our youth and the early years of sensitivity to culture - a critic might make a more knowing informed choice, I went on the ones that I remember today and that I would recommend to a complete film novice. The ranking is slightly random, apart from the first three, perplexing, disturbing, cinematic - they transcend cinema and take us into the realm of psychological experience.