Vadim Rizov

Director of editorial operations

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The Anthem2006Apichatpong Weerasethakul
The United States of America1975James Benning, Bette Gordon
The Woolworths Choir of 19792012Elisabeth Price
Dazed and Confused1993Richard Linklater
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977Steven Spielberg
Bang Bang1971Andrea Tonacci
The Flicker1966Tony Conrad
BLAISE PASCAL1972Roberto Rossellini
When Tomorrow Comes1939John M. Stahl
Goodbye South Goodbye1996Hou Hsiao-hsien


Explanations are dangerous! This is a mix of two personal favorites that are totally mainstream; three short films that I have enjoyed rewatching much more than expected over the last decade and have found it easy to share with people, both because of their brevity and how good they are; a previously unknown-to-me best-of-last-decade-rep-viewing film that reminded me that showing up can, on a good day, yield the completely unexpected yet essential; a short that you literally have to see on celluloid in a theater for it to work at all, thereby allowing me to be once again annoying about the "digital changeover"; a TV movie (people love TV); a classic Hollywood suggestion for further exploration (one); and a slow-cinema classic that seems to be getting lost in the shuffle.