Vikram Murthi

Contributing writer for The Nation. Editor of Downtime Magazine. Freelance writer and critic.

Voted for

The Last Laugh1924F.W. Murnau
Only Angels Have Wings1939Howard Hawks
Pierrot le fou1965Jean-Luc Godard
Two-lane Blacktop1971Monte Hellman
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977Steven Spielberg
Blue Velvet1986David Lynch
A Brighter Summer Day1991Edward Yang
Naked1993Mike Leigh
Dazed and Confused1993Richard Linklater
Irma Vep1996Olivier Assayas


I chose these 10 films from a list of roughly 65, all of which made an impact on my worldview and aesthetic priorities. These selections should be taken as a snapshot of my current mood. They are transparently insufficient and reflective of my biases. I inevitably will have many regrets and misgivings over these choices in the near future. But, much like life, they are still mine and mine alone.