William Fowler

Curator, BFI National Archive

Voted for

Club Havana1945Edgar G. Ulmer
For The Broken Right Eye1968Toshio Matsumoto
King Lear1970Peter Brook
UOMO, LA DONNA E LA BESTIA1971Alberto Cavallone
The Other Side of the Underneath1973Jane Arden
Possession1981Andrzej Zulawski
The Terminator1984James Cameron
YAMA - ATTACK TO ATTACK1985Mitsuo Sato & Kyoichi Yamaoka
K1989Jayne Parker
Welcome II the Terrordome1993Ngozi Onwurah


Film culture and even notions of the greatest have, for me, been very tied up with the pleasure and stimulations of talking about films with friends. As with music, it can often be a firm glue to create close bonds and often my sense what is ‘good’ or interesting is strongly connected to the simple act of talking about a movie and the buzz of excitement that comes with a shared discovery. It goes back to the playground and discussing what weird thing it was that I saw on television the night before. It becomes about a group making sense of something. Like watching Robocop every Saturday, for four months, seven years before reaching the VHS age of certification, and then playing the tie-in computer game with a friend. With this in mind I decided to ask friends and loved ones - who I talk about films with, but who weren’t invited to take part in the Sight and Sound poll - to say what they think the greatest films ever made are. The top ten I’ve listed here is an aggregate of those nominations.