Organisations approved by Press Reset, the BFI’s campaign to inspire authority figures in film and TV to reset practices involving disabled people and establish a new, more inclusive normal.

Recruit responsibly: Talent

Andrew Roach Talent

A personal, dedicated talent management service to clients in the broadcast and entertainment industries, who are passionate about representing diverse talent and promoting equal opportunities for all.

FWD-Doc: Documentary Filmmakers with Disabilities

A group of filmmakers with disabilities (FWDs) working in documentary film, along with their allies, seeking to increase the visibility of, support for, and direct access to opportunities, networks and employment for D/deaf and disabled filmmakers.

Inclusive Talent

Inclusive Talent is a bespoke talent agency that represents d/Deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent actors.

Profile Performers

A video database of D/deaf and disabled actors, hosted by Spotlight and the National Theatre, for use by casting directors and other professionals across the UK film, theatre and TV industries.

Zebedee Management

A specialist talent agency created to increase the representation of people who until now have been excluded in the media, including people with disabilities or alternative appearances and trans/non binary.

Recruit responsibly: Production

104 Films

A production company making award-winning films and running training schemes and initiatives for disabled film talent, both in front of and behind the camera.

BBC Creative Diversity

Beacon Films

An award-winning production organisation based in Newcastle Upon Tyne (who have been re-appointed as BFI Film Academy partners for another year) for filmmakers with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs. Watch the short film Great North Museum Filmmaker Placement.

biggerhouse film CIC

A Bristol-based production production company making award-winning films with people who describe themselves as being removed from the centre: neurodivergent creatives, people living with dementia, people with learning differences and young LGBTQIA+ people.

The British Film Commission

The British Film Commission (BFC) is the national agency with a remit to maximise and support the production of international feature film and television in the UK. They provide bespoke support for international productions looking for accessible and inclusive resources in the UK.


An award-winning charity supporting learning disabled people to achieve their artistic ambitions, enabling them to become leaders in their field and gain recognition for their work.

Channel 4 Creative Diversity

Channel 4 Creative Diversity represents a proven commitment to increasing inclusion and diversity within the media industry and includes their Commissioning Diversity Guidelines.

Inclusivity Films

Inclusivity Films makes narrative and documentary films and are committed to having at least 50% of cast and crew identifying as d/Deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent on each production.

Little By Little Films

An Emmy-award winning independent production company, founded by Lindsey Dryden and based in South West England, producing feature length and short films (Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca), and working with authentic voices to tell unexpected stories by and about LGBTQ+ folks, women, and D/deaf and disabled people. A 2020 BFI Vision Awardee. 

Scattered Pictures

A broadcast media production company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, creating scripted comedy, drama and factual content and promoting diverse talent from the North East of England.

Seahorse Films

A film and TV production company that is passionate about telling stories that focus on the voices of those that go unnoticed, and are actively seeking to increase the visibility of neurodiverse and disabled creatives on both sides of the camera.

Engage: Networks

Deaf & Disabled People in TV (DDPTV)

Deaf & Disabled People in TV (DDPTV) is a private online space exclusively for deaf, disabled and neuro-divergent television professionals across all genres to connect with like-minded professionals, access job opportunities, and to ask for and share advice and guidance.

As part of their work they unite production companies, broadcasters, recruiters and other stakeholders with deaf and disabled freelancers. They campaign for adjustments to current working practices and push for positive change in recruiting and retaining disabled professionals.



Disabled Artists Networking Community (DANC)

A regular networking event for established/professional artists and performers (of any art form) that have a disability, with each event being hosted by a different theatre or arts venue.


An innovative organisation based in Liverpool, who produce opportunities for disabled and d/Deaf people to perform and access the arts, including training and a festival programme.

Oska Bright Film Festival

The (BAFTA-qualifying) world’s leading festival for films made by or featuring people with learning disabilities, autism or Aspergers, along with promoting accessible screenings, running training for venues and developing skills for aspiring filmmakers.

Para Dance UK

A charity and the national governing body for Para Dance Sport in the UK, aiming to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country.

Soho Media Club

A members network of active media professionals in film, tv, digital or music, designed to advocate collaboration, inclusion and diversity across media production, post-production and distribution.

TAPE Community Music and Film

A community arts charity which specialises in presenting projects and opportunities which fully support people of all ages to explore their creative ideas and ambitions.

Set targets

The BFI’s inclusion targets – across a number of protected characteristics – can be found on the Inclusion targets page of our website.


Access Docs for Artists

A website that can help you make an access doc, or access ‘rider’, which is a document that outlines your disability access needs so they can be facilitated and ensure that you have equal access to work.

Disability Access Rider

An example of an access rider, from Kyla Harris, breaking down her access needs in a clear, structured document that can be handed out to organisations when she works with them.


Inclusive Cinema

A range of resources put together by Inclusive Cinema, a UK-wide project developed by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) designed to support screen exhibitors and celebrate diversity on screen, in the audience and behind the camera.

British Sign Language interpreters

Equity’s Guide to Good Practice with BSL in the Arts

A guide by Equity that represents an opportunity for the entertainment industry to make sure its working practices are as inclusive as possible, and meet the needs of D/deaf actors and the wider D/deaf community.


Susan Booth

A registered British Sign Language interpreter, specialising in academia, VRS/VRI, in-rehearsal theatre projects and out of court family cases.


Helen Foulkes Translations

A freelance, qualified Sign Language translator, providing professional translations from English into British Sign Language through video and face-to-face.


Marcel Hirshman

A translator/Deaf Interpreter and teacher of British Sign Language, who is also the Director of DeafCOG, an umbrella organisation, hosting activities and projects of value to the Deaf community.


Fiona Garfield

An actor and production manager at Remark, an all-deaf multi-media company located in Greenwich, South London, who can translate publications into British Sign Language and provide Deaf Awareness training.


Sign For All

A company providing awareness and accessibility for D/deaf families, through services such as Father Support Group, British Sign Language Story time, Family Film Clubs, Educational support, Deaf and Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) workshops and BSL Resources.


Captioning and audio descriptions

Stage Text

A registered charity which provides captioning and live subtitling services to theatres and other arts venues to make their activities accessible to people who are d/Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.

ACS Captions

A company providing closed caption services and translations of the spoken language displayed as text and merged with a video signal for broadcast, livestream, large meeting sites and convention settings.

Closed Captions on Zoom

A video and written directions on how to put closed captions onto Zoom, including requirements and step-by-step instructions.


An organisation that supplies audio description and ensures the arts and heritage sector know how to create opportunities for blind and partially sighted people and welcome them as a core audience.

Be an ally and an advocate: Advocacy/Campaigning


A UK disability arts alliance and a forum to advocate, campaign and support D/deaf, neurodivergent and disabled creative practitioners and organisations through and after Covid19.

Seven inclusive principles for working safely through COVID-19

A set of 7 principles offer practical guidance to arts and cultural organisations to support disabled artists, audiences, visitors, participants and employees as creative work begins again and as venues re-open. Email:

National Autistic Society

The UK’s leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families, providing support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.


Naked Stories by Soho Media Club

A podcast discussing honest stories of setbacks, resilience and perseverance that deserve to be heard, revealing the truth about diversity and inclusion in media culture and highlighting what needs to change.

The Screen Presence

A podcast aiming to present positive examples of people working differently in support of greater representation and opportunities within the screen industries. This new podcast series is brought to you by TAPE Community Music and Film and the BFI.

The TAPE Podcast Network

A podcast devised, developed and delivered by volunteers at community arts charity TAPE Community Music and Film.

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