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  • The Night of Truth

    Drama set in an unnamed African country, exploring the process of truth and reconciliation following 10 years of bloody war.

    World cinema

  • Nosferatu

    FW Murnau’s take on the Dracula story is one of the greatest horror films, not just of the silent screen, but of all time.

    World cinema

  • Opening Night

    John Cassavetes’s emotionally charged film stands as one of the great American movies about theatre and the art of performance.

    John Cassavetes

  • Ordet

    Carl Theodor Dreyer’s beautifully photographed tale explores the religious intolerance and familial tensions within a Danish farming family.

    Carl Theodor Dreyer

  • Orphee

    Magical retelling of the Orpheus myth by poet, playwright, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

    Jean Cocteau

  • Ossessione

    Restless wife Giovanna meets Gino, a rough and handsome drifter. Their passionate affair leads to the murder of Giovanna’s boorish husband.

    Luchino Visconti

  • The Ozu Collection – The Gangster Films

    Rare, silent works mixing the thrills of western filmmaking with compositions that served as a forerunner to Ozu’s renowned, mature, post-war style.

    Yasujiro Ozu

  • Parade

    Jacques Tati returns to the boisterous music hall world in which he began his career with this brilliantly conceived spectacle.

    World cinema

  • Paris nous appartient

    Remarkable first feature from cinematic visionary Jacques Rivette, brilliantly capturing the mood of paranoia and uncertainty of the Cold War period.

    World cinema

  • Partie de campagne

    On a country picnic, a young girl leaves her family for a while and succumbs to an all-too-brief romance in Jean Renoir’s sensuous tribute to the countryside.

    Jean Renoir

81 - 90 of 124


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