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The Greatest Films of All Time

Once a decade Sight & Sound asks critics to select the best films of all time.

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10 great films about...

Every week we publish a list of 10 great films, all of which are available to view in the UK.

    • 10 great LGBT thrillers

      From Dog Day Afternoon to The Handmaiden, these are 10 of the best thrillers with lesbian, gay or transgender themes.

      Alex Davidson
      16 November 2017

    • 10 great thrillers directed by women

      From Ida Lupino to Kathryn Bigelow – why women directors can be masters of suspense too.

      Christina Newland
      8 November 2017

    • 10 great thrillers set on trains

      From Agatha Christie to Alfred Hitchcock, trains have always provided an exciting setting for a good thriller. All aboard for 10 of the best.

      David Parkinson
      2 November 2017

    • 10 great serial killer thrillers

      From Hannibal Lecter to the Zodiac killer, movies have always had a dark fascination with men who kill out of compulsion.

      Brogan Morris
      26 October 2017

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