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The Greatest Films of All Time

Once a decade Sight & Sound asks critics to select the best films of all time.

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10 great films about...

Every week we publish a list of 10 great films, all of which are available to view in the UK.

    • 10 great films set in the prehistoric era

      Cavemen had cave paintings. We've got movies. Here are some of our favourites about our prehistoric past.

      Trevor Johnston
      18 January 2018

    • 10 great films of 1998

      How time flies! These 10 films all celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.

      Grace Barber-Plentie , Henry Barnes , Nikki Baughan , Chris Fennell , Charles Graham-Dixon , Katy McGahan , David Morrison , Christina Newland , Lou Thomas , Samuel Wigley
      11 January 2018

    • 10 great costume dramas of the 21st century

      From Marie Antoinette to Lady Macbeth, the period drama has experienced a major renaissance in recent years, with women directors and diverse stories coming to the fore.

      Paul O’Callaghan
      4 January 2018

    • 10 great ‘urban wyrd’ films

      Meet folk horror's metropolitan cousins – the films that mine a hidden seam of strangeness in the big city, from Peeping Tom to Quatermass and the Pit.

      Adam Scovell
      29 December 2017

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