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Our video on-demand service features contemporary and classic films, hand-picked from our festivals, cultural programme and the BFI National Archive.

    • Edwardian football

      With the World Cup well underway, see how the beautiful game was enjoyed over 100 years ago.

    • When I Saw You

      A young Palestinian refugee yearns to be reunited with his father and joins a band of freedom fighters.

    • Inside Llewyn Davis

      The Coen brothers’ funny, melancholic elegy to early 1960s folk music.

    • Nymphomaniac Vol.I & Vol.II

      The provocative new film by Lars von Trier – the story of a woman’s life of sex obsession.

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The Greatest Films of All Time

Once a decade Sight & Sound asks critics to select the best films of all time.

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10 great films about...

Every week we publish a list of 10 great films, all of which are available to view in the UK.

    • 10 great American film noirs

      With Orson Welles's magnificent noir melodrama The Lady from Shanghai back in cinemas, we turn back the clock to the golden age of Hollywood to select the 10 best American film noirs.

      Samuel Wigley
      24 July 2014

    • 10 great really long films

      To watch all of the films on this week’s list, you’ll need over 65 hours. Heralding the release of Lav Diaz’s monumental epic Norte, the End of History, here are 10 film giants that stretch to four hours or (way) beyond.

      Samuel Wigley , Pamela Hutchinson , Jasper Sharp , Thirza Wakefield , Michael Brooke , Nick Wrigley , Mike Sutton , Ben Dooley
      17 July 2014

    • 10 great films about Brits abroad

      With summer holiday season upon us and millions of Brits packing their bags for some sunshine overseas, what are some of the best movies about British expats and holidaymakers?

      Samuel Wigley
      10 July 2014

    • 10 great films set in the swinging 60s

      It’s 50 years since the Beatles movie A Hard Day’s Night helped put a swing in the step of 60s British cinema, heralding London’s emergence as the epicentre of hip fashion, art and music. Here are 10 of the best swinging London films that followed in its wake.

      Thirza Wakefield
      3 July 2014

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