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An American tourist in Italy falls for a local woman with a dangerous secret in this startling horror-romance.

Something Must Break

Passionate love story between a trans teen and a straight man.


A former child soldier in London is drawn into a violent world he hoped to leave behind.

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Every week we publish a list of 10 great films, all of which are available to view in the UK.

    • 10 great romantic horror films

      'Lovecraft meets Linklater' in the new part horror/part love story rulebreaker Spring. It joins a legion of memorable horror films with an often deadly romantic side.

      Michael Blyth
      21 May 2015

    • 10 great dystopian Australian road movies

      Released to a clamour of excited reviews, Mad Max: Fury Road proves once again that at the movies it's carnage on the roads down under. Here's a bumper-to-bumper list of the best entries in Australia's tradition of violent, petrolhead films.

      Andrew Nette
      14 May 2015

    • 10 great British politics films

      Don't forget to vote... for any films you think we've left off our election-time ballot of terrific films about British politics, politicians and life in Westminster.

      Michael Brooke
      7 May 2015

    • 10 great films with little or no dialogue

      Winner of the best film award at last year's BFI London Film Festival, the unique and uncompromising The Tribe joins a small but special body of films that involve hardly any dialogue, relying on the purely visual nature of cinema.

      Leigh Singer
      30 April 2015

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