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People: Joanna Hogg
26 Oct 2011
On the penultimate day of the Festival we held the 3rd annual Star of London Awards.
22 Oct 2010
The creative team behind Archipelago take part in a Q and A following a BFI London Film Festival screening.
24 Sep 2010
British directors with films in the 54th BFI London Film Festival programme discuss their work.
8 Sep 2010
Artistic Director Sandra Hebron talks us through the highly-anticipated programme of the 54th London Film Festival.
1 Jul 2008
Director Joanna Hogg discusses the film she would share with future generations and cinematic masterpiece of humanism and mortality by director Yasujiro Ozu
1 Jul 2008
Director Joanna Hogg ashares her opinions on the future of film and the moving image.