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Series: Ken Loach Season
4 Oct 2011
Ken Loach introduces a screening of his 1966 TV drama Cathy Come Home
1 Oct 2011
A panel discussion looking at the political films of Ken Loach.
26 Sep 2011
Composer George Fenton illustrates a conversation about his work with two clips from Ken Loach's film, Looking for Eric (2009)
26 Sep 2011
Production coordinator Eimhear McMahon, a regular collaborator with Ken Loach, selects an extract from the director's Looking for Eric (2009) to demonstrate the nature of her work.
26 Sep 2011
Editor Jonathan Morris discusses his work on Ken Loach's My Name is Joe
26 Sep 2011
Sound Editor Kevin Brazier discusses his work on Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley.
26 Sep 2011
Producer Rebecca O'Brien discusses her work on Hidden Agenda (1990).
23 Sep 2011
Rebecca O'Brien introduces a screening of The Navigators at BFI Southbank.
21 Sep 2011
Writer Rona Munro introduces a screening of Ladybird Ladybird as part of BFI Southbank's 2011 Ken Loach retrospective.
20 Sep 2011
Producer Rebecca O'Brien and director Ken Loach introduce a screening of Land and Freedom at BFI Southbank.
20 Sep 2011
Award-winning cinematographer Barry Ackroyd discusses some of the scenes he filmed for Ken Loach's The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006), which he describes as the director's 'masterpiece'
19 Sep 2011
Ken Loach describes the suppression and censorship many of his television documentaries faced in the 1980s.
1 Sep 2011
Ken Loach, Tony Garnett and Justin Forsyth discuss Loach's Save the Children Film (1969).
20 Jul 2011
Director Ken Loach discusses his career and collaborations with Nick James.