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Series: The Flipside
26 Jul 2012
Michael Winner recalls the making of The Games (1969), his globe-trotting drama of Olympic intrigue starring Michael Crawford, Charles Aznavour and Ryan O'Neal.
30 May 2012
Director Harley Cokeliss discusses his 1981 film Battletruck, a little seen dystopian sci-fi thriller filmed in New Zealand.
26 Jan 2012
Actor Jackie Skarvellis recalls the fun of shooting ultra low budget movie The Body Beneath (1970).
8 Sep 2011
Neil Innes talks about his career in comedy and music at a special Flipside event devoted to his work.
4 May 2011
Actors Jane Asher and John Moulder-Brown visit BFI Southbank to discuss their 1971 film Deep End ahead of its theatrical rerelease.
28 Feb 2011
Vic Pratt and Will Fowler (Curators, BFI National Archive) quiz Michael Winner about the making of The Jokers (1967) at BFI Southbank.
10 Aug 2010
Michael Moorcock answers questions pertaining to the making of the film The Final Programme as part of The Flipside event series.
11 Apr 2010
The Flipside is a programme of events and releases which seeks to bring obscure or cult films to the fore.
3 Mar 2010
The director/producer discusses his filmmaking career in this Q&A forming a part of the BFI's Flipside strand.
23 Jul 2009
British actor and director Michael Sarne joins us for a post-screening discussion of his cult film Joanna, a 1960s celebration of miscegenation.
14 Jul 2009
Jack Bond's 1967 study of a middle-aged woman in crisis finally receives the acclaim it deserves after years lost in obscurity.