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26 Jun 2009
Claire Denis, one of the most heralded French auteurs of her generation, visits BFI Southbank for a Q&A following a screening of 35 Shots of Rum.
22 Jun 2009
It was all about brotherhood at this preview of Rudo y Cursi, as the brothers Cuaron and the actors they cast as brothers - Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna – took part in an onstage Q&A.
12 Jun 2009
The Times critic Caitlin Moran hosts a special screening of Torchwood: Children of Earth, and conducts a panel discussion with its cast and creators.
9 Jun 2009
A revisiting of the 1987 portmanteau film Aria at BFI Southbank, with director guests Don Boyd, Bill Bryden, Franc Roddam, Ken Russell and Charles Sturridge.
31 May 2009
Bond Producer Michael Wilson and Journalist Donald Zec discuss the legacy of Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli.
28 May 2009
Much cherished Bond legend Sir Roger Moore talks through his career as a secret agent and shares stories with host David Walliams at BFI Southbank.
27 May 2009
The cast and crew from BBC hit series Psychoville take to the stage after a nail-biting two-episode preview.
20 May 2009
Sir Ken Adam, the genius production designer behind the Bond series’ most iconic locales, discusses his remarkable career with award-winning broadcaster and author Sir Christopher Frayling.
13 May 2009
Controversial artist and author Kenneth Anger takes to the BFI stage to discuss his seminal work Rabbit's Moon.
10 May 2009
Iconic villain from Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me, actor Richard Kiel appears on-stage to speak about his part in the enduring Bond franchise.
9 May 2009
Director Armando Iannucci speaks about his newest film In The Loop, one of the most incisive British comedies of 2009.
8 May 2009
As the centerpiece of a two-month season celebrating legendary producer Cubby Broccoli, BFI Southbank hosted a weekend-long extravaganza for Bond fans of all ages.
6 May 2009
Director of The Night Before Christmas Henry Selick and writer Neil Gaiman visit the BFI Southbank to discuss their highly anticipated animated project Coraline.
6 May 2009
Groundbreaking experimental film-maker Stephen Dwoskin discusses his influential career as part of his BFI retrospective.
22 Apr 2009
We welcome Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine on stage to discuss his long and distinguished career.