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Series: In Conversation
5 Nov 2011
Michael Radford (Il Postino) discusses his documentary portrait of pianist Michel Pertrucciani.
4 Nov 2011
Icelandic band Sigur Rós answer questions on their music and career.
29 Oct 2011
Renowned Russian filmmaker Alexandr Sokurov discusses his career with critic and academic Ian Christie.
11 Oct 2011
Howard Overman joins the cast of the third series to talk about the new direction of the BAFTA-winning drama
6 Oct 2011
Tyrannosaur is the critically acclaimed first feature directed by British actor Paddy Considine.
5 Oct 2011
Sarah Pucill discusses the influence avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren has had on her work
5 Oct 2011
Artist Jo Ann Kaplan outlines the remarkable work of avant garde filmmaker Maya Deren.
4 Oct 2011
A panel of experimental film artists discuss the influence of Maya Deren on their work
3 Oct 2011
Carol Morley discusses her inspiration for her documentary Dreams of a Life.
29 Sep 2011
Spurlock discusses the challenges of walking the line between art and commerce in the film industry
19 Sep 2011
Nicolas Winding Refn discusses his acclaimed film Drive at BFI Southbank.
15 Sep 2011
The cast and creators of Merlin took to the BFI Southbank stage following a preview of the fourth series.
14 Sep 2011
Both cast and key creatives behind Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy take to the BFI Southbank stage.
12 Sep 2011
The team behind The Fades join a panel discussion about the series.
11 Sep 2011
Director Anthony Baxter discusses his film You've Been Trumped.