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11 Jan 2010
Following a preview, writer David Scinto and cast members Ray Winstone and John Hurt take part in an onstage Q & A.
14 Dec 2009
Eminent educationalist and writer Sir Christopher Frayling discusses the practice of researching film.
8 Dec 2009
Following a preview screening of the newest episode of award-winning Shameless, a panel, chaired by Jonathan Powell, discusses the direction of television drama after the Thatcher administration.
2 Dec 2009
Acclaimed director Sally Potter and actor Tilda Swinton join us for an on stage Q & A.
13 Nov 2009
Following a screening of their devastating borstal critique, Scum, producer Margaret Matheson and writer Roy Minton take part in an onstage Q & A.
19 Oct 2009
On Day 6 we welcomed acclaimed directors Jane Campion and Stephen Soderbergh onto the red carpet.
15 Oct 2009
On day 2 of the festival, we cover The Men Who Stare At Goats gala and speak to acclaimed festival filmmakers.
14 Oct 2009
The LFF launches with Fantastic Mr Fox.
7 Oct 2009
Following a preview screening of ITV’s new three-part drama, Murderland, its creative team took to the stage in a discussion chaired by author of the Tom Thorne thrillers, Mark Billingham.
27 May 2009
The cast and crew from BBC hit series Psychoville take to the stage after a nail-biting two-episode preview.
9 May 2009
Director Armando Iannucci speaks about his newest film In The Loop, one of the most incisive British comedies of 2009.