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13 Apr 2012
Following a screening of The Alcohol Years, Carol Morley's moving documentary about the five years she abandoned to booze and lasciviousness, the director talks about the making of the film.
29 Mar 2012
Director Kieran Turner and musician Marc Almond talk about how they each discovered cult glam rocker Jobriath A.D., their regard for his underrated musical talent and their desire to bring him out of obscurity.
29 Mar 2012
British filmmaker Pratibha Parmar visits the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival to present extracts from Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth, a documentary about the life and art of the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer.
25 Mar 2012
Director Valérie Mitteaux discusses her documentary profiling four people reinventing and questioning the border between male and female.
25 Mar 2012
Patty Schemel, drummer of the rock band Hole, discusses Hit So Hard, a documentary about her life that covers her coming out as gay.
24 Mar 2012
After the screening of the film about his life and work as the first openly gay and partnered bishop in Christendom, Bishop Gene Robinson talks about why tolerance isn't enough.
22 Mar 2012
Director Richard Lester receives a BFI Fellowship award following a screening of his Robin Hood drama, Robin and Marian (1976).
15 Dec 2011
A panel of guests discuss Charles Dickens' enormous contribution to film and television history
13 Dec 2011
Filmmaker Peter Kosminsky discusses his career with broadcaster and novelist Francine Stock.
22 Nov 2011
Molly Dineen reflects on her career in an interview with Mark Lawson.
11 Nov 2011
Director Cyril Frankel visits BFI Southbank to discuss his 1953 film Man of Africa
5 Nov 2011
Adam Buxton discusses the making of Anyone Can Play Guitar with its director, Jon Spira and guests.
5 Nov 2011
Michael Radford (Il Postino) discusses his documentary portrait of pianist Michel Pertrucciani.
29 Oct 2011
Renowned Russian filmmaker Alexandr Sokurov discusses his career with critic and academic Ian Christie.
26 Oct 2011
On the penultimate day of the Festival we held the 3rd annual Star of London Awards.