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25 Oct 2009
Brightwide highlight the best in social and political cinema and launch their new multi-media platform at this year’s LFF.
20 Oct 2009
On Day 7 we spoke to filmmakers in Festival venues around London, including at the Mastercard Gala of An Education.
15 Oct 2009
On day 2 of the festival, we cover The Men Who Stare At Goats gala and speak to acclaimed festival filmmakers.
10 Oct 2009
Alastair Siddons takes to the stage following a screening of his latest film Turn It Loose, an event forming a part of onedotzero.
30 Sep 2009
Following a screening of Ray Greene's Schlock!, a panel looked at the significance of the Sexploitation genre and its study.
30 Sep 2009
Iconoclastic artist Deimantas Narkevičius joins us at BFI Southbank to discuss his gallery commission
29 Sep 2009
A revisiting of the rarely seen 1973 documentary Swastika followed by an onstage discussion with the creative team.
24 Sep 2009
The launch of the BFI's third Mediatheque, forming a vital part of the Cambridge Central Library.
23 Sep 2009
The BFI launches its brand new online non-fiction archive project
17 Sep 2009
As part of the BFI's This Working Life project and King Coal season, we welcome director Peter Pickering to the stage to discuss the challenges he faced whilst filming in British coal mines.
9 Sep 2009
Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall introduces a variety of works from the coalmining era to mark the launch of the BFI’s King Coal season.
9 Sep 2009
A cinematically rich season, King Coal is BFI’s showcase of the mining industry on celluloid. Patrick Russell speaks about this tapestry of historically significant films.
1 Sep 2009
Martin Strel takes to the BFi Southbank stage to discuss his aquatic exploits.
23 May 2009
As part of the Bond and Beyond season, one of the most memorable and stunning of all Bond girls joins us for an onstage conversation.