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8 Dec 2010
A panel of historians debates the impact and legacy of the documentaries in our Boom Britain season.
6 Dec 2010
Derek Williams discusses his Oscar nominated documentaries.
1 Dec 2010
Historians and former employees discuss the oldest independent documentary production company in Britain
27 Nov 2010
An expert panel discusses the little-known history of a clandestine group of anti-Franco filmmakers.
26 Nov 2010
Peter Bradford joins Patrick Russell to discuss directing his 1963 documentary People, Productivity and Change.
23 Nov 2010
Anderson experts put his early documentary work into context
18 Nov 2010
Sarah Erulkar talks about her life as a documentary director
16 Nov 2010
Award winning filmmaker Anthony Simmons discusses his early work.
8 Nov 2010
John Krish discusses his career following a screening of four of his shorts within Shadows of Progress, the post-war documentary season.
27 Oct 2010
Day 15 saw the second annual BFI London Film Festival Awards.
20 Oct 2010
The introduction to the 54th BFI London Film Festival's Archive Gala presentation of The Great White Silence.
16 Oct 2010
John Akomfrah speaks about The Nine Muses after a screening at the BFI London Film Festival.
1 Sep 2010
A look at how the BFI National Archive restored Herbert Ponting's 1924 film The Great White Silence.
24 Aug 2010
Christophe Dupin takes a brief comparative look at Lindgren and his famous French counterpart, Henri Langlois.
1 Aug 2010
Using the BFI National Archive as its main location, The Voyage of Nonsuch is a poetic and beautifully shot essay film by artists Mirza and Beale explores the broader contexts of archives and libraries and reflects on the status of the films and books that exist within them.