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16 Mar 2010
The legendary director shares stories and insights from his remarkable career to date.
3 Mar 2010
The director/producer discusses his filmmaking career in this Q&A forming a part of the BFI's Flipside strand.
24 Feb 2010
The British Library plays host to a celebration of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
7 Feb 2010
Creative talent behind the the hit BBC series Being Human take part in a Q and A during the Future Film Festival.
13 Jan 2010
Members of the cast and creative team behind Jeanette Winterson’s BBC film special Ingenious join us for an onstage Q & A.
5 Jan 2010
Following a preview screening of debut feature Exam, director Stuart Hazeldine joins us for an onstage Q & A.
8 Dec 2009
Following a preview screening of the newest episode of award-winning Shameless, a panel, chaired by Jonathan Powell, discusses the direction of television drama after the Thatcher administration.
25 Nov 2009
A screening of this gritty, social realist drama is followed by an onstage discussion with director Roy Battersby and producer Kenith Trodd.
18 Nov 2009
As part of our Radical TV Drama season, Raymond Snoddy chairs a panel of guests working in broadcasting at the time of Thatcher’s television revolution
13 Nov 2009
Following a screening of their devastating borstal critique, Scum, producer Margaret Matheson and writer Roy Minton take part in an onstage Q & A.
26 Oct 2009
On Day 13 Ang Lee presented his latest work Taking Woodstock.
26 Oct 2009
An examination of and a debate on the effects of the recession on the film industry.
24 Oct 2009
Day 11 of the Festival was marked by the Sight and Sound Special Screening of A Prophet.
21 Oct 2009
A panel of brilliant filmmaking talent discuss the notion of a female aesthetic in their work and explore the reality of how women operate in today's film world.
19 Oct 2009
On Day 6 we welcomed acclaimed directors Jane Campion and Stephen Soderbergh onto the red carpet.