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14 Oct 2009
Ted Hope talks about the changing face of cinema during this digital age.
7 Oct 2009
Following a preview screening of ITV’s new three-part drama, Murderland, its creative team took to the stage in a discussion chaired by author of the Tom Thorne thrillers, Mark Billingham.
29 Sep 2009
A revisiting of the rarely seen 1973 documentary Swastika followed by an onstage discussion with the creative team.
11 Sep 2009
Recent gem from Pixar Animation Studios Up held a special 3D screening at BFI Southbank during the onedotzero season, which featured a discussion with the Producer Jonas Riviera and the Director Pete Docter.
6 Sep 2009
Following a Season 2 preview of hit programme Merlin, its creative team took to the NFT1 stage to answer audience questions.
31 May 2009
Bond Producer Michael Wilson and Journalist Donald Zec discuss the legacy of Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli.
8 May 2009
As the centerpiece of a two-month season celebrating legendary producer Cubby Broccoli, BFI Southbank hosted a weekend-long extravaganza for Bond fans of all ages.
21 Mar 2009
Director Ridley Scott, star Rutger Hauer and producer Michael Deeley discuss the unique legacy of sci-fi classic Blade Runner, winner of the BFI's 2008 Visions for the Future poll.