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18 Nov 2009
As part of our Radical TV Drama season, Raymond Snoddy chairs a panel of guests working in broadcasting at the time of Thatcher’s television revolution
13 Nov 2009
Following a screening of their devastating borstal critique, Scum, producer Margaret Matheson and writer Roy Minton take part in an onstage Q & A.
9 Nov 2009
BFI TV Programmer Marcus Prince, discusses the upcoming Radical TV Drama Season.
7 Oct 2009
Following a preview screening of ITV’s new three-part drama, Murderland, its creative team took to the stage in a discussion chaired by author of the Tom Thorne thrillers, Mark Billingham.
2 Oct 2009
The first of two events looking at future trends in TV production.
2 Oct 2009
The second of two events looking at future trends in TV production.
6 Sep 2009
Following a Season 2 preview of hit programme Merlin, its creative team took to the NFT1 stage to answer audience questions.
12 Aug 2009
Legendary theatre director Max Stafford-Clark takes to the BFI Southbank stage to discuss his work for both theatre and television.
12 Jun 2009
The Times critic Caitlin Moran hosts a special screening of Torchwood: Children of Earth, and conducts a panel discussion with its cast and creators.
27 May 2009
The cast and crew from BBC hit series Psychoville take to the stage after a nail-biting two-episode preview.
9 May 2009
Director Armando Iannucci speaks about his newest film In The Loop, one of the most incisive British comedies of 2009.
26 Mar 2009
John Hurt reprises the role of Quentin Crisp in the long-awaited follow-up to The Naked Civil Servant, which premiered at the 2009 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.