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5 Nov 2009
As part of BFI Southbank's Michael Haneke season, eminent film professor Thomas Elsaesser gives a lecture on one of European cinema’s most provocative directors.
2 Nov 2009
Head of Film Programme Geoff Andrew conducts an illustrated lecture on Orson Welles’ use of architecture as a source of filmic metaphor.
15 Oct 2009
A behind-the-scenes look at the BFI's restoration of Anthony Asquith's masterpiece.
9 Sep 2009
A cinematically rich season, King Coal is BFI’s showcase of the mining industry on celluloid. Patrick Russell speaks about this tapestry of historically significant films.
17 Aug 2009
Ray Greene, director of Shlock! The Secret History of American Movies, offers an in-depth introduction to BFI Southbank’s Sexploitation season.
4 Aug 2009
BFI Southbank's Head of Film Programme discusses Les Demoiselles de Rochefort in support of its extended run.