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28 Oct 2012
Presenter Mark Gatiss, producer John Das and programme consultant Jonathan Rigby discuss Horror Europa.
15 Apr 2012
Julie Dawn Cole talks about her role as the bratty Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).
3 Mar 2012
Three cast members of Oliver! (1968) are reunited for a panel discussion at BFI Southbank as part of the 2012 Dickens on Screen season.
1 Mar 2012
Andrew Stanton discusses John Carter, his sweeping action epic based on Edgar Rice Burroughs's adventure stories (video courtesy of Lovefilm).
25 Feb 2012
The creative team behind the Royal Shakespeare Company's renowned 1980 stage adaptation of The Life & Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, later filmed for Channel 4, take part in a panel discussion at BFI Southbank.
7 Feb 2012
A host of special guests visit BFI Southbank to mark the occasion of Charles Dickens's 200th birthday.
4 Feb 2012
Director Christine Edzard, editor Olivier Stockman and Sir Derek Jacobi (Arthur Clennam in the film) reminisce about the making of the six-hour feature.
1 Feb 2012
Ahead of the 5th BFI Future Film Festival, guest filmmakers and industry professionals discuss their careers at a preview event at BFI Southbank.
31 Jan 2012
William Raban discusses The Houseless Shadow.
28 Jan 2012
Broadcaster Mark Lawson chairs a panel discussion about the relationship between Dickens's work and television.
17 Jan 2012
Bryan Forbes, the latest recipient of the BFI’s highest honour, the Fellowship, is interviewed at his home by actor Simon Callow about his remarkable career.
15 Dec 2011
A panel of guests discuss Charles Dickens' enormous contribution to film and television history
8 Dec 2011
The cast and crew of The Mystery of Edwin Drood discuss working on the new TV adaptation.
17 Nov 2011
Sir Derek Jacobi and David Nicholls describe what it is about the novelist’s work that makes for such fascinating film and TV drama.
23 Oct 2011
An interview with director Michael Winterbottom.