Jonathan Ross on Bob le Flambeur

TV/Radio Presenter Jonathan Ross introduces his Screen Epiphany, Bob le Flambeur (France 1956 Dir Jean-Pierre Melville), at an exclusive event for BFI members and American Express card holders, hosted by the Artistic Director of BFI Southbank Eddie Berg.

Ross talks about having seen other works by Melville, such as Le Samoura├» (1967), as a young man, and recalls finally coming across this French heist movie 6 to 8 years ago. Ross highly commends the work of screenwriter Auguste Le Breton, describing the ending of the film as potently ironic and memorable, and states that the realistic pace of the action marked a new trend in cinema. Ross observes that the film was largely shot on location by Henri Deca├ź, admiring the fact that it provides audiences with insight into the rare and hidden parts of Paris in the 1960's. Ross also mentions that Melville claimed to have seen at least 7 movies - one being the 1960 Ocean's Eleven - 'borrowing' from the casino heist scene, but denied that his work was at all influenced by outside sources.

This event was held exclusively for BFI Members and guests, in partnership with American Express.


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