Picture to Post + Q and A with Sarah Erulkar

As an Indian born woman in post-war Britain, Sarah Erulkar was a rare figure in her era. As part of the Boom Britain season, BFI Southbank hosted a screening of new prints of three of her works: Lord Siva Danced (1948), featuring the celebrated Indian dancer Ram Gopal, which won accolades in India and Britain; the BAFTA winning Picture to Post (1969), which showcases the craftsmanship of British postage stamp design; and the BAFTA winning The Living City (1977) which beautifully evokes the spirit of the director's birthplace, Calcutta. The screenings were accompanied by an onstage interview with Erulkar, chaired by Katy McGahan.

Erulkar had wanted to make documentaries from a very early age and, when founding a reputation as a director, resisted invitations into the world of film and television to stay in documentary for the entirety of her career. She talks about how she faced resentment from some quarters because of her success, but felt uniformly embraced by the many different peoples that were the subjects of her work.


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