Documentary Masterclass with Menelik Shabazz

At BFI Southbank to premiere his latest film, The Story of Lovers Rock, filmmaker Menelik Shabazz presented a documentary masterclass. Shabazz grew up in Barbados, drawing inspiration from a mobile cinema which showed newsreel and propaganda - a tradition which infuses his politically charged body of work, work whose interpretation he is keen to leave to his viewer. He recalls the early days of his career, when he struggled to afford stock and processing, begging materials off of cinematographer friends, and agonising over how much to shoot. Motivated by charged social and political contexts, Shabazz suggests in a way that Blood Ah Go Run, like Lovers Rock, represented a moment in his filmmaking which chose him, rather than him consciously choosing it. Finally, inspired by a recent trip to Nigeria, which has a flourishing industry, he challenges the audience and even himself to get out and create, and to refuse to be encumbered by traditional limitations, structures or formats.


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