Winnie the Pooh + Q&A

The creative team behind the new Winnie the Pooh feature film (2011) discuss this 51st Disney Animation at BFI Southbank as part of the Disney 50 Season.

Directors Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall reveal their process: first reading all the A A Milne books and watching the original Disney shorts and then story-boarding the movie - watching and perfecting it 4 or 5 times and playing it in front of the whole studio to get a multitude of ideas to draw from. They discuss the differences between making a film like Meet the Robinsons (2007) where Anderson had a blank canvas and suggest that, perhaps conversely, they felt there were more possibilities to explore with the Hundred Acre Wood and its inhabitants than when trying to create characters from nothing. Anderson articulates why the characters have stood the test of time and reveals that each represents a facet of the human condition that does not alter or grow, allowing the audience to relate.

Animator Andreas Deja details his process of animating icons like Tigger, using the original images and then putting his own stamp on them and Senior Animation Supervisor and Disney legend Burny Mattinson discusses what working with Walt Disney himself was like. The panel also discuss the importance of the hand drawn feel that this new film has retained, emphasing the importance of using the appropriate tool to tell the story, but acknowledging their appreciation for 3D and CGI animation.


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