British Transport Films Volume Nine: Just the Ticket

Over four hours of material from the British Transport Commission, with particular focus on the staff training film, including some likely unseen by the British public.

Following the nationalisation of transport in 1948, the British Transport Commission set up its own in-house film production unit. Launched on 1st May 1949, and led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey — a founding father of the British documentary movement — it became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain.

All these films are now preserved in the BFI National Archive. This selection has been digitally remastered for this two disc set, which is a must not just for the transport enthusiast, but also for the documentary aficionado who will recognise traits and innovation in British non-fiction filmmaking.

‘Just the Ticket’ contains over four hours of British film classics, with particular focus on the staff training film, a genre often wrongly neglected but no less creative and accomplished by the award-winning BTF unit. A good number of films such as ‘Lost, Stolen, Damaged’, ‘Manhandling’ and ‘It Takes all Sorts’ were likely unseen by the majority of the British Public, but that in no way diminishes their originality or charm. The very first BTF title ‘Berth 24’ finally makes an appearance on this volume. ‘Just Like the Rest of Us’ is a sensitive portrayal of people with disabilities and how we would all like to be treated.

Disc one

  • Berth 24 (1950)
  • Peak District (1954)
  • Train Driver (1966)
  • Give Your Car a Holiday (1967)
  • Just the Ticket (1978)

Disc two

  • Away for the Day (1952)
  • They Had an Idea (1953)
  • Manhandling (1962)
  • Lost, Stolen, Damaged (1964)
  • Go As You Please in Britain (1975)
  • It Takes All Sorts (1978)
  • Just Like the Rest of Us (1983)

Special features

  • Booklet with film notes on all films and credits.

Product information

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      Colour and Black/white

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    • Subtitles

      English for the hard-of-hearing

    • Original aspect ratio


    • DVD region

      • 2 Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, French Overseas departments and territories

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