In this truly inspiring Netflix documentary, James Lebrecht and Nicole Newnham tell the moving story of a huge disability rights and freedom movement that shook the whole world.

Today we consider it absolutely normal to have disability access in public transport, but it really wasn’t like this before a group of teenagers with disabilities joined a summer camp in upstate New York (just down the road from Woodstock) one summer in the early 70s. This documentary, supported by Barack and Michelle Obama, celebrates these passionate youths who went on to fight for social justice and accessibility tools for future generations.

It’s a widely untold story that’s not been taught at schools. But with rich footage from Camp Jened, photographs and a carefully selected soundtrack (including Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For What It’s Worth’ and Richie Havens’ ‘Freedom’), the film will transport you to a different era, where the spirit of the 70s civil rights movement shines. It’s a unique work of activism, connection and hope that parallels the campaigns of our digital world today.

Georgia Korossi
Content Producer