Last year we announced the upcoming release of a new Derek Jarman Blu-ray box set. This limited edition will contain his first five features, newly scanned at 2K from original film elements, as well as an array of new and archival extras.

Since then the BFI’s curators and video production team have been hard at work researching and collecting material for the set, much of it held in the BFI National Film Archive in Berkhamsted. The photos below show some of their discoveries and provide a sneak preview of the box set’s contents.

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The full list of contents will be announced over the next few weeks, and the set will be on sale on 26 March 2018.

Film leader for the alternative cut of Sebastian (1976)
Identification work being done by our technical team on the rare alternate take of Sebastiane (1976)
Comparison work being done on the two versions of Sebastian (1976)
One of Jarman’s famous notebooks that is held at the BFI National Archive at Berkhamsted
A flyer for the premiere of The Angelic Conversation in 1985 found in one of Jarman’s notebooks
Video producer Vic Pratt and Curator Will Fowler with the legendary punk icon Jordan. The photo was taken after filming an interview with the Jubilee star that will feature on the first Jarman box set