Fanny: The Right to Rock

Poster for Fanny: The Right to Rock (2021)

Bobbi Jo Hart’s uplifting film tells the story of Fanny, formed in 1969 by Californian siblings June and Jean Millington, who became one of the first all-female bands to release an album in the US. David Bowie said they were as important as The Beatles.


Poster for Flee (2021)

Amin’s engagement to Kasper motivates him to disclose for the first time his experiences as a teenage refugee in this stirring animated documentary.

Great Freedom

Poster for Great Freedom (2021)

Winner of the Un Certain Regard jury prize at last year’s Cannes, Sebastian Meise’s searing prison drama is a captivating chronicle of queer history.

I Want to Talk About Duras

Poster for I Want to Talk About Duras (2021)

In Claire Simon’s drama, a taped confession is the starting point for exploring the unusually intense bond that developed between filmmaker Marguerite Duras and her besotted fan Yann Andréa.


Poster for Moneyboys (2021)

Chinese rent boys, far from home and hungry for success, struggle with the competing demands of their families and the needs of customers, lovers and friends, in this assured drama.


Poster for Nico (2021)

After she’s the victim of a xenophobic attack, a young Iranian woman in Berlin decides to take her life back into her own hands by training in karate.

North by Current

Poster for North by Current (2021)

Filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax returns to his hometown to examine the circumstances behind his niece’s death.

Private Desert

Poster for Private Desert (2021)

Aly Muritiba’s impressive drama, which is Brazil’s submission for best international feature at the 2022 Academy Awards, thoughtfully deconstructs some of the extreme machismo and transphobia present in its country’s society.


Poster for Sediments (2021)

Six transgender women from different walks of life get to know each other at a rural Spanish retreat in this cinema vérité-style documentary.


Poster for Sublime (2022)

Hot from a world premiere in Berlin, Sublime is a pitch-perfect drama about late adolescent rockers who share a love of making music, but whose passions and hormones collide.

The Law of Love

Poster for The Law of Love (2021)

This compelling documentary follows a group of queer activists in the Czech Republic as they fight for same-sex marriage to be recognised in law.

This Is Not Me

Poster for This Is Not Me (2021)

Two young men learn to navigate the Iranian courts in order to begin their transition. This Is Not Me is a detailed depiction of the legal and social labyrinth that promises a slim aperture of freedom.

Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang

Poster for Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang (2021)

Robin Hunzinger’s strikingly poetic film reveals a long-hidden family secret – the incredible story of his grandmother’s rebellious lover Marcelle.

Walk with Me

Poster for Walk with Me (2020)

The courage it takes to be true to yourself is explored in this romantic feature debut. With its sparkling script and fantastic performances from the two leads, Isabel del Rosal’s gem of a film is an intimate portrait of love and the courage it takes to live life on your own terms.

Wet Sand

Poster for Wet Sand (2021)

A death in a small coastal village reveals some hidden secrets, in this beautiful and restrained drama that explores uncomfortable truths in a family’s history.


Poster for Wildhood (2021)

Bretten Hannam’s impressive feature debut focuses on one young teenager’s search for their family history.