#MOREFilms4Freedom FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the #MOREFilms4Freedom project and application process.

What forms of collaborative proposals between the UK and the African continent or the Middle East are accepted?

Each film must reflect a genuine collaboration by way of citizenship, nationality or residency status of the collaborators – the writer, director or producer – as well as in the story of the film. This could mean a Nigerian writer working with a British director and producer, or an Egyptian director (whether resident in the UK, Egypt or elsewhere) working with a British writer and producer, or an otherwise international team with a producer applying via a company registered and centrally managed in the UK/EU/EEA. All films must have a subject matter inspired by LGBTQ+ stories, intersectionality and diaspora identity. Your proposal does need to demonstrate how your collaboration qualifies as such.

Do I have to shoot my film internationally or in the UK?

There are no restrictions on where a film is shot, or where it is post-produced.

Do I need to travel to the countries of my collaborators?

International travel is encouraged for ​filmmakers visiting the countries of their team members where required for development or production, as part of the cross-cultural collaboration​. This must be feasible within project budgets, alongside all other demands of production.

Do you fund documentaries and animation?

Yes, as long as your film has an LGBTQ+ story as inspiration.

I am a student – can I apply to make a film?


Can I apply for development funding​?


Does the budget cover capital expenditure such as equipment?

No. The commissioning budget is for the production of a film, from script to completion and does not cover equipment purchase.

What about the additional funds for subtitling?

The British Council can provide additional funding for subtitling, upon completion of the film.

If I make a film will it automatically screen in Flare/FiveFilms?

Filmmakers may have the opportunity and will be eligible to have their films screened at BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival, and featured within the #FiveFilms4Freedom 2020 campaign. This will be discussed with the filmmakers independently, closer to the date.

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