Alex Barrett

Filmmaker and Critic

Voted for

The Passion of Joan of Arc1927Carl Th. Dreyer
Ordet1955Carl Th. Dreyer
Werckmeister Harmonies2000Béla Tarr
Cries and Whispers1972Ingmar Bergman
Barry Lyndon1975Stanley Kubrick
Professione: reporter1974Michelangelo Antonioni
HADAKA NO SHIMA1961Kaneto Shindo
Cría cuervos1975Carlos Saura
A City of Sadness1989Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Daisies1966Věra Chytilová


To come up with a definitive list of the ten Greatest Films of All Time feels like a fool's errand. Better, then, to treat it as a game. As I stepped forward to play, two paths appeared before me. Down the first, there was an abyss, leading only to madness: days (weeks?) spent in agony, attempting to quantify perfection, to rank genius against brilliance. So down the second I sped, running into the folly with instinct, passion and as little agonising as possible. Which were the films that sprang to the surface, etched in my memory, burnt into my brain as explosive experiences which left a lasting impact on my younger, impressionable self? Such an approach was fraught with mistakes, omissions and regret, but so be it – in a task as futile, impossible and as fun as this, only one thing is certain: Dreyer belongs at the very top.