Ben Roberts

Chief Executive

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E.T. The Extra-terrestrial1982Steven Spielberg
Pink Flamingos1972John Waters
Psycho1960Alfred Hitchcock
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me1992David Lynch
The Long Day Closes1992Terence Davies
Pather Panchali1955Satyajit Ray
Moonlight2016Barry Jenkins
The Blair Witch Project1999Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Beau travail1998Claire Denis
Alien1979Ridley Scott


E.T. The Extra-terrestrial

1982 USA

Pure emotional drama about family, loneliness and belonging. I find it deeply profound and have done since I was 7.

Pink Flamingos

1972 USA

Radical do-as-you-please auteurism. More shocking than Un Chien Andalou.


1960 USA

A Hollywood movie that breaks rules from

the first scene but exists entirely to entertain. Give the audience what they don’t know they want.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

1992 USA

I’m not being contrary - I think this is a stupendous and terrifying piece of cinema. The linchpin of a complete masterwork that is otherwise formally and deliberately television.

The Long Day Closes

1992 United Kingdom

A beautiful film that celebrates cinema as a space for solace, solitude, escape and discovery.

Pather Panchali

1955 India

Completely stunning as a debut. Such an amazing use of the cinema - camera, editing, sound, acting. Mesmerising and gripping.


2016 USA

The film of the last decade that has left a mark. Intimate but epic. Emotionally breathtaking and unconsciously radical.

The Blair Witch Project

1999 USA

Effective horror (like comedy) requires great skill and rarely reinvents itself. This was a pioneer. None of its many imitators have matched it for authenticity. A completely disturbing film.

Beau travail

1998 France

Erotic, tragic, breathtaking - it’s overwhelming. Did not have the same power on a recent rewatch at home - but maybe that’s ok, it’s cinema after all.


1979 USA, United Kingdom

Including this for the filmmakers’ prowess and discipline, but also the lasting influence and legacy of the film’s concept, casting, design and marketing.