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For Luck (ZA SCHAST'EM)1917Yevgeni Bauer
The River1929Frank Borzage
Partie de campagne1936Jean Renoir
Paisan1946Roberto Rossellini
Ordet1955Carl Th. Dreyer
An Affair to Remember1957Leo McCarey
La JOVEN1960Luis Buñuel
MIDARE-GUMO1967Mikio Naruse
Fuses1964-1967Carolee Schneemann
Histoire(s) du Cinéma1988Jean-Luc Godard


This list combines great films from different times and places; films of youth (of attack) and others of late style. They can also be grouped in pairs:

Za Schastem / Partie de campagne: Two journeys through time, two women looking at the camera.

The River / Fuses: Both fulfil, each in its own way, the surrealist programme: “We shall reduce art to its simplest expression, which is love.”

Paisà / The Young One: Moral tales, stories from the Book of Genesis (the Tower of Babel, Paradise Lost). Films that don't end after 'The End'. Sketches instead of paintings, that the viewer must complete.

An Affair to Remember / Midaregumo: An art of modulation and cadence.

Ordet / Histoire[s] du cinéma: Filmed theatre and cinema rewritten. The resurrection of the body.