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Singin' in the Rain1951Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
Sherlock Jr.1924Buster Keaton
Ordet1955Carl Th. Dreyer
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance1962John Ford
The Thing1982John Carpenter
Decasia2002Bill Morrison
Fire Will Come2019Oliver Laxe
Year of the Horse1997Jim Jarmusch
GONG FU2004Stephen Chiau


Singin' in the Rain

1951 USA

I'm not able to express how enjoyable is this movie for me, I love music (as you can see in other choices I made) and comedy, and love stories (romantic comedies are a guilty pleasure) and this movie is a compendium of that (and a funny tale of cinema history).

Sherlock Jr.

1924 USA

Sorry, it's so subjective. This is not the best movie of Buster Keaton but I love this movie cause I work as a projectionist and I'm a fan of detective stories. Maybe it's a little egocentric (not little, it's very egocentric) that I choose the movies based on how they converge with my life experience but if you don't want that don't write me again to answer this poll. (That's a joke.)


1955 Denmark

Why, if I'm not a practicing Catholic, do I watch this movie and believe that miracles happen?

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

1962 USA

I love John Ford's movies, but especially this one because it's the first western (with Fort Apache) I saw in a big screen in an old (now closed) cinema in A Coruña, and I was impressed by the humanity of the story.

The Thing

1982 USA

If The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was the first western I saw in a big screen, this was my first science fiction horror, also seen in an old and now-closed cinema in my hometown (with other John Carpenter films: The Fog, Christine, etc) and I became a fan of John Carpenter/Kurt Russell, even now.


2002 USA

Another horror movie for people who work in film archives.

Fire Will Come

2019 Spain, France, Luxembourg

A reflection about our country and people in Galicia (and a bit of chauvinism).


1986 Sweden, France, United Kingdom

The first time that I understood that cinema and philosophy are not enemies, and that kind of auteur cinema isn't boring.

Year of the Horse

1997 USA

As a fan of Neil Young and Jim Jarmush I love this movie (with all respect to Jonathan Demme's Heart of Gold).


2004 Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

Another guilty pleasure: a very funny action movie.

Further remarks

It's hard for me to choose only 10 movies, and for you understand those choices and my written English.