Lila Avilés

cinema director

Voted for

Mirror1975Andrei Tarkovsky
Los olvidados1950Luis Buñuel
Love Streams1984John Cassavetes
Persona1966Ingmar Bergman
La ciénaga2001Lucrecia Martel
Paris, Texas1984Wim Wenders
Cave of Forgotten Dreams2010Werner Herzog
A Torinói Ió2011Béla Tarr
The Act of Killing2012Joshua Oppenheimer
Yi Yi1999Edward Yang



1975 USSR

A film that I think will persist forever. It will persist as a landscape, as nature. That solidness and fluidity that Tarkovsky always evokes from the most profound feelings in human and leaving souls. It has the duality of a book. IT IS CINEMA – as simple as that.

Los olvidados

1950 Mexico

I have a thing for Buñuel. I love his films but also love ‘Luis’. I really like his ability to understand superficiality while maintaining that touch of humility and joy.

Love Streams

1984 USA

No matter how many times I see this film, it’s like watching it for the first time: a FESTIVAL of life. As he always says, everything is about love!!


1966 Sweden

I cherish Bergman’s career a lot; he did EVERYTHING, from horror films to musicals. It is difficult to pick just one, but I guess that there is something in the simplicity of Persona that it makes it so special. Even today it is very avant-garde.

La ciénaga

2001 Argentina, USA, Japan, France, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil

The kind of film that gave me the impulse to became a filmmaker.

Paris, Texas

1984 Federal Republic of Germany, France, United Kingdom

My favorite road trip film.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

2010 USA, France, United Kingdom

This film is crafted really simply, but what I adore about Herzog is that he always puts the most amazing themes in our minds and hearts. I like that he is restless.

A Torinói Ió

2011 Hungary, France, Switzerland, Germany

This film is a poem. A lot of times, when I eat potatoes, I think about this film.

The Act of Killing

2012 Denmark, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland

I have affection for documentaries. I think this film is a change in perspective. How violence in our acts affects others but also how our decisions as filmmakers change social structures or consciences.

Yi Yi

1999 Taiwan, Japan

This film make me smile a lot. I really like the empathy that Edward Yang brings to light – such a charming spirit without being corny.

Further remarks

It’s really hard to pick one film and leave out another. Mostly due to the multiple stories that filmmakers have made in their lives. But the good thing is having to make those choices.

I had to leave out Kaurismaki, Varda, Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Fellini, Truffaut, Bresson…