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Man with a Movie Camera1929Dziga Vertov
His Girl Friday1939Howard Hawks
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
L' eclisse1962Michelangelo Antonioni
Le Mépris1963Jean-Luc Godard
The Conformist1970Bernardo Bertolucci
The Shining1980Stanley Kubrick
The Thing1982John Carpenter
Blue Velvet1986David Lynch
Before Sunrise1995Richard Linklater


Man with a Movie Camera

1929 Ukrainian SSR, USSR

This film present all possibilities of film montage. It is the film Bible: the story of beginning, the rise and death of cinema.

His Girl Friday

1939 USA

A film that transcends its time, with a pace that is faster than any 'fast and furious' action film from the 21st century.


1958 USA

If watching moving images is a fetish 'per se', then this movie is the most meta-cinematic experience of all time.

L' eclisse

1962 Italy, France

When, at the end of the film, Vitti and Delon don’t meet at their ‘usual place’, we witness the ephemeral nature of human relationships and the eternity of film as the ultimate art form.

Le Mépris

1963 France, Italy

At a moment when the whole world is sinking into unsentimentality, Godard shows us that the only room left is the screening room.

The Conformist

1970 Italy, France, Federal Republic of Germany

Bertolucci and Vittorio Storaro are the best 20th-century painters: by painting with light the subconscious of a totalitarian regime in Il conformista, they arranged the fragments of a film story into a style that transcends the narrative function of cinema(tography).

The Shining

1980 USA, United Kingdom

The Shining is a space odyssey that went into the past instead of the future.

The Thing

1982 USA

A being that has no form is the most essential representation of fear and terror on film.

Blue Velvet

1986 USA

Blue Velvet is the logic of dreams and nightmares translated into film language.

Before Sunrise

1995 USA, Austria

If visuals are understood as the most powerful cinematic element then in Before Sunrise, Linklater demonstrates dialogue can be just as powerful.

Further remarks

Honourable mentions:

Vampyr - Carl Theodor Dreyer, Germany/France 1932

Zéro de conduite - Jean Vigo, France 1933

Ma nuit chez Maud - Éric Rohmer, France 1969

Salo, o le 120 giornate di Sodoma - Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy 1975

Come and See - Elem Klimov, USSR 1985