Nenad Polimac

film critic

Voted for

L'avventura1960Michelangelo Antonioni
The Wild Bunch1969Sam Peckinpah
All That Heaven Allows1955Douglas Sirk
The Searchers1956John Ford
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
Shoah1985Claude Lanzmann
Shoplifters2018Hirokazu Koreeda
The Conformist1970Bernardo Bertolucci
Tokyo Story1953Yasujirō Ozu
Dirty Harry1971Don Siegel



1960 Italy, France

It still intrigues me after all these years. It's very modern, very emotional and deeply disturbing, with beautiful black-and-white photography. It's a pity that Monica Vitti died this year.

The Wild Bunch

1969 USA

It's not very good news that they are planning a new version of this classic. How they can do it? The only way is to make it as different from the original as possible. The original version is still a very exciting film, with a beautiful visual style, very brutal scenes, and in spite of all this violence, it's a deeply poetic film. I like it today as passionately as I did in 1970.

All That Heaven Allows

1955 USA

Ten years ago I preferred Sirk's Imitation of Life, but today I think this is its director's most modern film. Socially provocative, bathed in beautiful colour, not afraid of sentimental images (little lamb in the snow), with two superb actors in the main roles. I don't think it will be ever forgotten.

The Searchers

1956 USA

Generally, I like westerns, but this one strikes me not as a genre movie, but more like an epic story about an impossible search: the leading man is not looking for his niece but for himself.


1958 USA

I still remember my days as a kid, as I watched this movie in a very big cinema in Zagreb. I sensed there was something quite different about it, some kind of emotional mystery which is not easy to solve. Ten years ago I was overjoyed that it won in the first place, but being a realist, I'm not sure how long it will hold that place.


1985 France

At first, I didn't intend to swallow the whole documentary in one session, but it so happened that I did. Of course, I came back to it many times, just to check that scene and this scene. I became obsessed with Lanzmann and saw everything that he directed, but very soon I realised that his Holocaust movies are his best.


2018 Japan

Generally, I'm not crazy about contemporary cinema, but this one had all the things I liked in movies: good story, complicated characters and a few dramatic nuances. I saw it a few times and it always succeeded in impressing me. Much better than Parasite from South Korea.

The Conformist

1970 Italy, France, Federal Republic of Germany

In the beginning, it looks like a Douglas Sirk movie, but it is only a matter of visual style. The story is very complicated, with the hero torn between two women and two ideologies, and his every step is completely wrong. It's pity that Bertolucci didn't make any more films like these.

Tokyo Story

1953 Japan

It's the most obvious choice for any admirer of this great Japanese director. But, on the other hand, a lot of his films from the 40s, 50s and the beginning of the 60s deserve their position in this top ten. Still, this one is an exceptional story of an old couple and their children that has never been so movingly told.

Dirty Harry

1971 USA

Never was a crime film so indicative of his society. Siegel started his cycle with Madigan and Coogan's Bluff, but this one is his masterpiece.

Further remarks

Ten years ago, it was much more interesting making a top ten list. Today, television jumped in and we ignore a lot of what we loved before. I'm not sure how modern movies will hold that pressure.