Stephen Cone


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Artificial Intelligence A.I.2001Steven Spielberg
Days of Heaven1978Terrence Malick
Field of Dreams1989Phil Alden Robinson
The Long Day Closes1992Terence Davies
News from Home1976Chantal Akerman
Rio Bravo1958Howard Hawks
The Shining1980Stanley Kubrick
Shoah1985Claude Lanzmann
The Shop around the Corner1940Ernst Lubitsch
A Woman under the Influence1974John Cassavetes


A small, impossible sampling of the films that have most profoundly shaped me as a film viewer and maker during the first few decades of my life.

There is one film here that I imagine will come as a surprise to even my closest film-loving friends, and to that I can only say that it seemed a great mistake to leave out the film I've held so close to my heart for the longest amount of time.

Lastly, a word on Carl Theodor Dreyer, a filmmaker who, in the ultimate test of his furious and prophetic modernity, as well as the profound clarity of his vision, has sadly fallen out of fashion (for now). His film Day of Wrath (1943) is my most regrettable omission and quite possibly the greatest film ever made.