Vasco Câmara

Editor of magazine Ípsilon in PÚBLICO newspaper

Voted for

Broken Blossoms or the Yellow Man and the Girl1919D.W. Griffith
Wings1927William A. Wellman
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927F.W. Murnau
The Wedding March1928Erich von Stroheim
Lucky Star1929Frank Borzage
Madam Satan1930Cecil B. DeMille
Earth1930Alexander Dovzhenko
L'Atalante1934Jean Vigo
By the Bluest of Seas1935Boris Barnet
Sullivan's Travels1941Preston Sturges


Lists of the best films of all times tend to imobilize cinema History and freeze our perspective. Is it Vertigo or Citizen Kane this time? It could be one of them, but not for me. This time.

Let's defrost them, let's give them the possibility of being films again. Let's give us the possibility to discover them again.

And let's look somewhere else. Because movies are forever changing.

Looking at my choices you could say that nothing happened after the 20s and the 30s. It did. But i tend to believe that those were the days. On the screen and at the cinema theaters.

In this day and age, when conformity rules and conservatism is allowed to spread, vigilantism beats in the heart of social media and filmmakers are forced do sell their soul, i find it hard to not to be raptured by the promises of those years. And find in them some solace.