The September 2020 issue of Sight & Sound

In our September issue, we sit down with Michaela Coel, the face of British television today, to talk about her game-changing series I May Destroy You, the daring, funny, shocking drama about abuse, consent and modern millennial life that’s been hailed as the television drama of the year. Coel tells Gaylene Gould about finding her ‘misfit’ voice and constructing the New World of TV.

Also in this issue: Ashley Clark explores the vital, too often suppressed history of protest and activism in Black British Cinema; the editors of the pioneering Black Film Bulletin talk us through the publication’s history and future; the female cast and crew of the London-set drama Rocks on how they told their own story their own way; and Isaac Julien talks to Amy Taubin about his breakthrough feature Young Soul Rebels in a classic 1991 interview drawn from our archives. Plus reviews of the latest films, TV series, Blu-rays, DVD and film books.

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Originally published: 3 August 2020