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Praising ‘Kane’

Richard Brody on how Orson Welles and the French New Wave paved the way for Vertigo’s critical rise (The New Yorker’s The Front Row blog, 5 September)

Sight & Sound, Part 4: Modern Directors

Parsing the top modern directors in our poll (Forrest In Focus: Critical Film Reviews, 1 September)

The Top 25 Swedish films of all time

En gång en klassiker, alltid en klassiker? Vi har sammanställt en filmhistorisk topplista med hjälp av 50 filmkritiker och -akademiker (FLM, 30 August)

The Sight & Sound poll

Peter Bogdanovich objects! (Indiewire, 10 August)

The Sight & Sound poll 2012

Video clips and essays from the Criterion Collection on their 25 titles in our poll (8 August and ongoing)

The ‘Greatest Films Ever’ List Includes Nothing From the Past 40 Years? Good

A real classic must show itself to be timeless, argues Alexander Huls (The Atlantic, 8 August)

Vertigo over Citizen Kane? Why the new Sight and Sound critics’ poll is full of itself

Owen Gleiberman bemoans the deconstructionist self-indulgence of voters for Vertigo – and Mulholland Dr. (Entertainment Weekly, 7 August)

Bird Watching – Considering The Greatest-Ever Films By Women

Brandi Sperry puts forward five female-directed greats for 2022 (The MacGuffin, 7 August)

The 2012 Sight & Sound Poll [Part 1]: Don’t Call it a Consensus

Andrea Comiskey and Jonah Horwitz number-crunch the real story of our polls: a “tendency toward statistical dispersion” (Antenna, 6 August)

Better have a head for heights – Vertigo is back

Jonathan Romney on Hitchcock vs Welles (Independent on Sunday, 5 August)

The radical visions in Sight & Sound’s stodgy best-films poll

Scott Tobias hails the mini revolutions-in-their-time in our ‘ossified’ canon (AV Club, 3 August)

What Are the Greatest Movies Directed by Women?

Melissa Silverstein spotlights female filmmakers we missed, especially if they speak English (Women and Hollywood blog, 3 August)

Sight & Sound’s 10 Greatest Films of All Time, and their one-star IMDb reviews

Not everyone sees eye to eye with our critics… (Ultra Culture, 2 August)

A Very Obsessive Guide To Sight & Sound’s Greatest Films Poll

Tim Grierson’s ten sharp-eyed takeaways from our new poll (Grierson & Leitch, 2 August)

Greatest Films of All Time: Where’s the funny?

(Jim Emerson’s Scanners Blog, 1 August)

On Writing My Top Ten For ‘Sight & Sound’

Edgar Wright finds a way to fill his time at the Chateau Marmont (, 1 August)

If I Had a Sight & Sound Film Ballot

Slant magazine’s The House Next Door blog hosts a Salon des Refusés of online critics omitted from our poll (30 July and ongoing)

Is Citizen Kane still the greatest?

Matthew Sweet asks if Orson Welles’s classic is finally losing its lustre (Telegraph, 27 July 2012)

Sight & Sound Film Poll: Critics’ Picks

A series of video essays featuring prominent film critics on films they selected for our poll, edited by Kevin B. Lee (Indiewire’s Press Play video blog, May-June 2012)

The Criticwire survey

Indiewire correspondents nominate additions and removals from our last Top Ten list (30 April 2012)

The greatest films of all time

Roger Ebert on how he compiled his submission to this year’s poll (26 April 2012)

Not simply the best

Kevin B Lee, David Jenkins, Vadim Rizov and Bill Greorgaris preview and debate our poll. Plus Part Two: A Top Ten DilemmaPart Three: Predictions You Can’t Refuse (Indiewire’s Press Play blog, 18 April 2012)

The best damned film list of them all

Roger Ebert on why our poll is the only such exercise he submits to (5 April 2012)

John Ford and the Citizen Kane assumption

Kristin Thompson parses our poll and argues the merits of Ford’s supposedly ‘overrated’ How Green Was My Valley (6 March 2012)

Sight and Sound, Summer 2022

Sight and Sound celebrates its 90th anniversary in style. Plus: the Cannes bulletin, Pedro Almodóvar, Ukrainian cinema, The Innocents and Edgar Wright interviewing Daniels.

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