Twin sisters leading very different lives reunite after six years in this mostly fun retro thriller from Erin Vassilopoulos. Marian (Alessandra Mesa) is a singer on the run from her abusive boyfriend while Vivian (Ani Mesa, Alessandra’s actual twin) is a reserved housewife. Now back in each other’s lives, the two begin to mirror each other: soon they are sporting the same hairstyles and gradually switching identities. Vivian begins smoking pot and behaving more youthfully, while Marian grows more accustomed to a housewife lifestyle.

Despite the sleek 80s aesthetics and charming performances, the film lags in its second act, ambling toward a predictable climax – an extension of an already tiresome arc, particularly as it doesn’t seem to add much depth to the character it revolves around. That said, it’s impressively assured filmmaking. 

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