Bergman - A Year in a Life

In cinemas 25 January 2019.

Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman
Credit: Image courtesy of AB Svensk Filmindustri

“One of the most honest and overflowing portraits of a film artist”

“Must-see for Bergmanophiles… Always forging ahead, teaming with ideas”
Hollywood Reporter

Jane Magnusson directs and narrates a documentary that exposes the darker, less well-known side to one of the most famous directors in world cinema. Focusing on 1957, a landmark year in which Bergman directed two films and four plays, Magnusson explores not only the director’s filmography but also his at times complex and turbulent personal life.

Using a wealth of previously unseen archive material, contemporary interviews and a fantastic selection of clips from Ingmar Bergman’s vast body of work, this fascinating and unflinching study is one of the standout film documentaries of the year.



From March 1
New Park, Chichester

From 2 March
Ultimate Picture Palace

4 March
Strode Theatre

17 March
Showroom Sheffield

From 19 March
Rex, Wareham

From 26 March
Glasgow Film Theatre

31 March
Hedben Bridge Picturehouse

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