Anupama Chopra

Founder and Editor

Voted for

Pyaasa1957Guru Dutt
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
La Règle du jeu1939Jean Renoir
The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
Rashomon1950Akira Kurosawa
Taxi Driver1976Martin Scorsese
Bicycle Thieves1948Vittorio De Sica
The 400 Blows1959François Truffaut
Pather Panchali1955Satyajit Ray



1957 India

A brilliant, searing comment on the artist, creativity and consumerism in a newly independent India


1960 India

This historical fiction was so persuasive that in the viewers' heads, it became fact.

La Règle du jeu

1939 France

luminous, masterful filmmaking with a piercing melancholy

Further remarks

This was my first time participating in your prestigious poll - thank you for inviting me. It was much harder than I had imagined. I'm still grappling with at least 20 other titles that would fit just as well as the names I've submitted. It's an impossible but very enjoyable task.