Edward Porter

Deputy film critic, The Sunday Times

Voted for

The General1926Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
City Lights1931Charles Chaplin
M1931Fritz Lang
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
Seven Samurai1954Akira Kurosawa
Pather Panchali1955Satyajit Ray
Ordet1955Carl Th. Dreyer
Some Like It Hot1959Billy Wilder
Apocalypse Now1979Francis Ford Coppola
Toy Story1995John Lasseter


The General

1926 USA

So many great ideas, and so nimbly executed.

City Lights

1931 USA

A balletic comedy that turns a shameless ending into greatness.


1931 Germany

The great prototype for 'dark city' movies.

Citizen Kane

1941 USA

Not just important for all those technical reasons, but really enjoyable too.

Seven Samurai

1954 Japan

Action movies ARE cinema.

Pather Panchali

1955 India

My favourite film about childhood.


1955 Denmark

Its story of faith made a strong impression on this atheist.

Some Like It Hot

1959 USA

A flawless source of happiness.

Apocalypse Now

1979 USA

The best epic.

Toy Story

1995 USA

A whole new world.