Fahmidul Haq

Visiting Professor, Bard College

Voted for

Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
Bicycle Thieves1948Vittorio De Sica
Rashomon1950Akira Kurosawa
Tokyo Story1953Yasujirō Ozu
Pather Panchali1955Satyajit Ray
Taxi Driver1976Martin Scorsese
Blue Velvet1986David Lynch
Lola rennt1998Tom Tykwer
In the Mood for Love2000Wong Kar Wai


My list has changed over time. Once I was a fan of realist films which portray greater sociocultural realities with a simple narrative structure. Later, films that experiment with language and employ an innovative narrative structure became my favourites. It is no surprise that films like Citizen Kane, Rashomon, Run Lola Run are included in my list. However, I did not stop loving films in the first category, and for that reason Bicycle Thieves, Tokyo Story and Pather Panchali are also on the list. And how can I ignore filmmakers' amazing journeys through human minds with suspense, mystery and unexplained exertion? In this respect, Vertigo, Blue Velvet and In the Mood for Love were obvious choices. Europe and the United States have produced a lot of great films focusing on cities suffering from anomie and city dwellers enduring loneliness. Taxi Driver is on the list because it is one of the best representations of a post-war urban West.

After completing a Top 10 list, which was a tremendously difficult job, I discovered to my surprise that the kind of films I love most are made in the USA (4) and Asia (4). I included only two films from Europe, the continent with the great tradition of arthouse and experimental cinema.