Ranjita Biswas

Independent journalist

Voted for

Bicycle Thieves1948Vittorio De Sica
Hiroshima mon amour1959Alain Resnais
La dolce vita1960Federico Fellini
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
Wild Strawberries1957Ingmar Bergman
Rashomon1950Akira Kurosawa
Pather Panchali1955Satyajit Ray
Jules et Jim1962François Truffaut
Apocalypse Now1979Francis Ford Coppola
2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick


Bicycle Thieves

1948 Italy

A film that can resonate at any time, especially in our times. The effect of poverty, human conditions, love, compassion - all these are treated with great understanding and sensitivity.

Hiroshima mon amour

1959 France, Japan

A comment on the effect of war as reflected through the interaction of two protagonists when love tries to make sense of the trauma of uncertain post-war times.

La dolce vita

1960 Italy, France

The meaninglessness of a life without love, the loneliness behind the facade of glamour - a story repeated over and over again in our disconnected lifestyle.

Citizen Kane

1941 USA

Not for nothing this film is regarded as one of the greatest made. Elusive love and loneliness at the top are elements easily recognisable.

Wild Strawberries

1957 Sweden

Seems like a simple road movie about a renowned professor traveling with his daughter-in-law to receive an award but it is a comment on life's journey and rediscovering life's beauty in old age by the stern professor and how he opens up. Great acting by all.


1950 Japan

What is the truth - perceived, or the real? What is justice? And who decides? A story of a murder told from four different angles by different people asks us this disturbing question. The master storyteller uses flashbacks to great effect. Kurosawa also opened the eyes of the outside world to the art of Japanese cinema through this film.

Pather Panchali

1955 India

This groundbreaking film by Satyajit Ray is a paean to rural life and people in India, adapted from a well-known Bengali writer's book. Great characterisations, cinematography, music make this film an all-time world cinema great.

Jules et Jim

1962 France

A pioneering film of the French New Wave that reflects on human relationships around love among three people.

Apocalypse Now

1979 USA

A disturbing comment on human reaction to war at different levels. A 'Heart of Darkness' that lies beyond us and opens up in isolation and degradation of values - and cruelty, in the uncertain times that war entails.

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 USA, United Kingdom

A science fiction film at first glance but with an underlying philosophy - of man's life cycle and his place in nature.

Further remarks

In the context of world cinema it is hard to hone down on the Best Ten. These are some of my favourite films but I am aware I have left very many in the process of selection.

My numbering is random, not in preferential order.