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  • Te Wei, founding father of Chinese animation

    Alex Dudok de Wit celebrates the accidental animator who helped forge a native style under Mao.

    Alex Dudok de Wit
    Friday 28 August 2015


  • From the Magazine

    Film of the week: 45 Years

    A shard of ice pierces a venerable marriage in Andrew Haigh’s masterly follow-up to Weekend, says Roger Clarke.

    Roger Clarke
    Thursday 27 August 2015

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  • FrightFest 2014 critics’ roundtable post-mortem

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman and Virginie Selavy discuss the highs and lows of FrightFest 2014, from Coherence to Altergeist and The Babadook.

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman, Virginie Sélavy
    Thursday 27 August 2015


  • The best of FrightFest 2015

    From a primeval Steve Oram to Miike Takashi’s metacinematic kabuki adaptation and a docu-nightmare about sleep paralysis from the director of Room 237, this year’s horror fiesta is more stacked than ever. Anton Bitel previews nine of the best.

    Anton Bitel
    Wednesday 26 August 2015


  • Takahata Isao: four answers

    The Studio Ghibli co-founder on animation inspirations, working with Miyazaki and reasons for joy – by email to Nick Bradshaw.

    Nick Bradshaw
    Wednesday 26 August 2015


  • Inside out: Orange Is the New Black

    Charlotte Richardson Andrews hails the big-tent riches of Jenji Kohan’s hit SVoD women’s-prison drama series.

    Charlotte Richardson Andrews
    Tuesday 25 August 2015


  • Masters of space

    Max Ophuls’ Lola Montès reminds Brad Stevens how, in the classical studio era, control of mise en scène and camera movement connoted a power we may now struggle to comprehend.

    Brad Stevens
    Tuesday 25 August 2015


  • From the Magazine

    Film of the week: The Wolfpack

    Six caged Mowglis raised by the movies manage to come good in this buoyant snapshot of postmodern quarantine, says Michael Atkinson.

    Michael Atkinson
    Friday 21 August 2015

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  • Archives online: Swinging 60s Becontree

    Thirza Wakefield takes a rare peek behind the curtains at an ‘out-county’ London family’s informal festivities, in what was once the largest social housing development in the world.

    Thirza Wakefield
    Monday 17 August 2015


  • From the Magazine

    Film of the week: Mistress America

    Team Baumbach-Gerwig return to youthful New York with a sparkling screwball take on female friendship and creative narcissism, says Kate Stables.

    Kate Stables
    Friday 14 August 2015

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1 - 10 of 1003 articles


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